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Tracy Kral, CCDT

Why should you care which trainer you hire? Because the industry is not regulated. Absolutely anyone can call themselves a "dog trainer" or "dog behaviorist". To the untrained eye, or dog parents without dog behavior education, what seems like harmless techniques may in actuality be causing more harm than good, and may damage your relationship with your dog and that should never be ok.  

Graduate from CATCH Dog Trainers Academy Master Class Program with Mentorship (CCDT).

Professional Member of the Association Of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)

Canine Professional Member of The Pet Professional Guild

Member of The Shock-Free Coalition

Certificate Recipient for Professional Dog Training Skills

Certificate Recipient for Body Language and Problem Solving

My approach is offering a personalized experience in dog training. I have dedicated my life to helping families and their dogs. Let me help you.


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