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Certified Dog training for all breeds and sizes. 
It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

Servicing Mid and Upper Hudson Valley
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Don’t wait - schedule your services today and give your dog the tools they need to reach their highest potential...and because your house shouldn't be a zoo.


In Home Consultation and Evaluation

Comfortable and Professional

This is the first step in the process. It's super important and valuable to get the best understanding of the issues you are having and to see them first hand. Home Evaluations are in depth consultations to discuss all your needs and concerns, and what you expect from training. A thorough history is taken, and typically it's preferred all humans and pets living in the home be present. Usually, we can immediately start implementing management techniques to help you and your dog, Training will also begin during this initial session.​Consultations usually last about an hour and a half. 


Lets Get Training!

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Proper training is an essential part of responsible animal care. All my services put your dog's needs front and center in a safe and caring environment. I can work in a variety of ways depending on the needs of you and your pet. Private Training sessions are completely personalized one hour lessons. I come loaded and ready with multiple training tools, equipment and high value treats. Want to learn how to properly potty train your dog?

Brought home a new puppy and dont know where to start with training?

Perhaps your dog doesn't come when called, I have the perfect solution for that! Want your dog to stop begging at the table?

Is your dog trying to constantly bolt out the door and fear for his safety?

Im here to help you and your dog with all of these problems and much more.​Private Training Sessions are usually one hour long. Package pricing is available - contact me for more information.


Every Training Program is customized to meet BOTH you and your dogs needs, here are a few services offered! 

dogs in sweater


Either Individual or packages - after your consultation session we will go over your training options! 



Boarding Camp Options are open to all dogs where they would benefit from a more intensive training plan, kick starting better behavior! The Boarding Camps are completely individualized and based on dogs behaviors you are looking to change. 

**Force Free Training Only!**

Cuddling Buddies


Boarding in a Home Environment!

Backyard includes:  water play, lots of toys, Agility equipment, relaxation and sunbathing. 

Protected by NEST Protect 

Fully protected by 6ft Vinyl fencing with a padlock door. 

Video monitored. 

**Dogs  must be able to sleep either in a crate/OR in my 6ft Kennels.

All boarding clients need to fill out a form with vet/health information and feeding instructions.

Trial Day may be requested - $49

Nightly: $89

Services: Service
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